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RAD Women's registration forms

RAD - Systems required forms

1)  AMAC registration form

2) Parental consent form for minor

    or Reg/release form for adult.

Electronic form includes wellness form

1)  AMAC registration form

requires $40.00 fee to AMAC

2) RAD Minor electronic registration

3)RAD Adult electronic registration

Course fee is $75 per person payable to Becky Hesser


If you prefer to use a fillable form to print off and bring to class:

Parental Consent Form.pdf (PDF — 12 KB)

Registration and Release Form.pdf (PDF — 12 KB)

AMAC registration fee may be paid via PayPal  Click here

Course fee is payable via check or cash due on the first day of class.  To Becky Hesser

3) RAD Wellness Form

Wellness Information Form.pdf (PDF — 19 KB)

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